SORBA May 6, 2017 9:00 a.m

Three Open A.R.B.A. Sanctioned Shows, an O.C.C. Show And Fun (Free) Youth Shows.

. Location: Rockton Fairgrounds, 812 Old Highway 8, Rockton, Ontario, L0R 1X

Show Superintendant: Shannon Carter, email: farfelu@rogers.com, Ph: 519-622-6006

Show Secretary: Lena Maunder, email: lmaunder@cogeco.ca, Ph: 905-628-1990

Judges: John Richter, Derek Poole, and Tom Schweikart

Youth show to be determined

Fees: This is a pre-entry show. Pre entries can be done by email or call the Show secretary.


$3.50 per rabbit/per show pre-entry,

$4.50 per rabbit/per show day of show entries.

Entries for the youth shows are FREE Children entering the youth Show are encouraged to pre-register, but may enter on day of show.

Rabbits shown in youth fun classes may not be shown in open ARBA Classes.

Showroom: Will be open 7:00 am day of show

This is a carry case show

Three open all breed ARBA shows, 2 Shows hosted by Southern Ontario Rabbit Breeders

One show hosted by OCofRC with cash awards for BOB and BOS.

There will be an OCofRC meeting during the lunch break in the lunch room.

Breed Sanctions: Anyone wanting to sponsor any breed sanction at their expense please notify show secretary as soon as possible.

• There will be a food booth serving breakfast and lunch day of show

• There will be a raffle table (donations greatly appreciated, please contact show secretary)

• As per A.R.B.A. show regulations each rabbit shall have a permanent identifying ear mark (tattoo) in the left ear. Youth fun classes exempt from tattoo requirement.

As per A.R.B.A. show regulations, Show management must remove from the showroom all diseased or unsightly specimens and entry fees on such specimens will be forfeited

Youth Classes

• 4 classes, each child may have 1 entry per class, youth may enter any or all of the classes Standard/Purebred Class: open to any ARBA recognised breed of rabbit

• Rabbits will be judged on how closely the match the ARBA standard for that breed

• No ear numbers or tattoos are necessary

Pet Class: open to any rabbit, rabbits judged on condition, behaviour and cleanliness

You be the Judge Class: Youth will act as judges and place a group of purebred rabbits (provided) from first to third place according to the ARBA standard. Youth will receive a simplified lesson on the breed to be judged.

Showmanship Class: 4H rabbit showmanship: Youth will learn how to present themselves, how to show their rabbit’s health and condition to a judge and how to best handle their rabbits as they do so. No prior experience with 4H showmanship is required.

The Kitchener Waterloo Rabbit Breeders Club - Triple Show SATURDAY May 13 , 2017

Meaford Fairgrounds, Meaford, Ontario; GPS:151 Collingwood Street W (Opposite the Comm. Centre/Arena)

Official ARBA Sanctioned Triple Show

Judges: Show Secretary - Nita Irwin, 519-538-2782, mirwin96@rogers.com

Show Superintendent - Les Cramp -tmrabbitry@brucetelecom.com

3 Open ARBA-Sanctioned Shows

FREE Youth Shows (not ARBA, but lots of fun!)

Breed Sanctions: If you are interested in sanctioning a breed please contact the show secretary

Judges: John Graybeal, Joel Marshall, Adam McCabe, Tom Schweikart

Location: see above, GPS: 151 Collingwood St. W. (opposite the Comm. Centre/Arena)

Showroom Opens: 7 a.m.; it will also be open the night before from 7-9 p.m.

Judging Starts: 9:00 a.m. sharp

Entry Fee: $3.50 / rabbit; entries for the youth shows are free!

Entry Deadline: Wednesday, May 10th, 9:00 p.m., changes are free up to the registration deadline

Children entering the youth shows are encouraged to pre-register, but may enter the day of show

Light breakfast and lunch are available on site.

Meaford also has restaurants and motels within 5 minutes of the show site.


Youth Classes (Free!)

• All youth classes are FREE to all children 18 years-old or younger

• Youth classes are not ARBA sanctioned, but are intended to encourage interest in and knowledge of rabbits • Special prizes for youth

• Youth may register for their classes on the day of the show, but they are encouraged to pre-register with the show secretary

Sanction and Sweepstakes Information:


The OC of RC Secretary Treasurer is Nita Irwin, email: mirwin96@rogers.com. Membership is $15/ year.


Eric Stewart, Executive Director, P.O. Box 5667, Bloomington, IL 61702 www.arba.net Membership Dues: Individual, $20.00 per year, $50.00 for 3 years Husband/Wife: $30.00 per year, $75.00 for 3 years Youth, $12.00 per year, $30.00 for 3 years

The national convention for 2017 will be held at INDIANAPOLIS, IN, OCTOBER 1-5/2017

Entries: $3.50/rabbit (Entry deadline 9 p.m. Wednesday May 11th - contact the show secretary to enter)

Judging begins 9am, showroom open 7am. Show room open to put rabbits in the night before the show from 7 – 9 p.m

. OC of RC Sweepstaked Show. Full Show Flyer available here

Brooklin Rabbit Show Saaturday June 3 , 2017

Forest City Rabbit Breeders Club - Triple Show

SATURDAY June 17, 9:00 a.m 2017

A.R.B.A. TRIPLE Open, and Youth fun shows http://forestcityrabbitclub.webs.com https://www.facebook.com/events/1100522553401035/ Location: Komoka Community Centre, 133 Queen St, Komoka, ON N0L 1R0 (this is only an hour from the Canada/US border at Port

Huron, for American exhibitors who have never shown in Canada this is your opportunity, no special paper work or fees to move rabbits over the border (passports or enhanced drivers licenses required for the humans), email show secretary for details)

Venue: This is our first time holding a show at this venue and we are very excited. It is large and climate controlled so no worries about heat or cold! Washrooms and eating facilities all in one!

Times: Registration will be held day of show, June 17, 2017, from 7 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

• Pre-show announcements/introductions at 8:45 a.m.

• Judging starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp

Show Superintendent: Betty Fletcher

Show Secretary: Eugene Fenton, email: Eugene.fenton123@gmail.com, 4172 Perth Line 72, Newton, ON N0K 1R0 Ph: 519-595-7488

Fees: This is a pre-entry Show. Pre –entries can be done by Email or call to the Show Secretary for pre-entries PRE ENTRY DEADLINE is Wednesday June 14, 2017 $3.50 per rabbit/per show for pre-entry,

$4.50 day of show (there will be no fee or penalty for day of show scratches or switches, so all exhibitors encouraged to pre-enter to assist show secretary in organization) Cash (US or CDN) only day of show (US taken at par, change in CDN funds only). SPECIAL offer this year-Any single exhibitor with 20 or more entries in a single show gets a special $3.00 per rabbit

entry fee ALL YOUTH CLASSES ARE FREE-email show secretary for details

Prizes: All youth will receive prizes.

BIS and RIS – prizes to be determined

BOB and BOSB will get certificates

Judges: Open shows: James Goodrich, Penny Jezuit and Don Havlicek

Youth Show: To be determined

Registrar: Beth Collins will be present, available when able between showing

Show Set Up: This is a carry case show

• Three open all breed shows, ARBA Sanctioned

• PLUS additional fun youth classes PRIZES for ALL youth exhibitors

****Rabbits shown in youth fun classes cannot be shown in open ARBA classes****

Breed Sanctions: Mini Rex will be sanctioned

Anyone wanting to sponsor additional breed sanctions at their expense to notify show secretary.

• There will be a food booth serving breakfast and lunch the day of show.

• There will be a for sale/trade area designated for those looking to buy or sell rabbits.

• There will be a raffle table (donations greatly appreciated, please contact show secretary).

• As per A.R. B.A. show regulations each rabbit shall have a permanent identifying ear mark (tattoo) in the left ear. There will be a club member providing tattoos for all exhibitors for a $2 donation to the club. **Youth Fun classes exempt from tattoo requirement, ask show secretary for clarification when pre-entering**

• As per A.R.B.A. show regulations, “Show management must remove from the showroom all diseased or unsightly specimens and entry fees on such specimens will be forfeited.”

To allow for the best organization, exhibitors are encouraged to email the show secretary well in advance to give an idea of their attendance and number of rabbits and breeds even if they are not ready to officially pre-register yet. Also all are encouraged to visit the club Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/1100522553401035/ and join the event and post on the page. It is a social forum where exhibitors and organizers can interact to help arrange potential purchases and ensure we have an idea of how many rabbits to expect at the show to ensure we are prepared.


AMERICAN RABBIT BREEDERS ASSOCIATION www.arba.net official sanctioned shows.

Membership Info: Individual Annual membership 1yr $20/3 yr $50---Youth (18/under) 1yr $12/3yr $30---Husband & Wife 1yr $30/3yr $75---Husband & Wife Family Membership $30 plus $5/youth; 3year $75 plus $10/youth---Single Adult Family Membership 1yr $20 plus $5/youth; 3year $50 plus $10/youth---Outside US All non-US Residents add $10 service charge per year; 94th ARBA Convention… October 1-5, 2017, Indianapolis, Indiana

National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Doug King, Secretary NMRRC, email: nmrrcsecretary@gmail.com, 2719 Terrace Ave. Sanger, CA

93657 INDIVIDUAL: US 1 Year @$25 – YOUTH: US 1 Year @$25 - HUSBAND/WIFE: US 1 Year $30 - FAMILY (with up to 3 youth) : US 1 Year @$45



Our community of rabbit breeders, fanciers, and all who hold interest in the well-being of rabbits, are pleased that Agriculture Canada has lifted the recommendation not to buy, regroup or sell rabbits in the province of Québec. Since the haemorrhagic virus crisis stayed in the Rimouski area and did not spread to other rabbitries, we can commend the effective actions taken by officials and others directly involved within that localized region of Québec. The cautions employed in prevention of serious consequences were well placed in the role of stopping impact to our hobby and upset to our community. Everyone was relieved when the quarantine period was lifted. There was a show in Drummondville last November 19th and everything went well.

We are working on our next show and hope you will have great bunnies born next Spring to show as juniors at our September 23rd show. Until then, we wish you all the very best of encounters with Santa Claus and his team.

Valerie Leonard, show superintendent

Denis Drouin, show secretary.

This annual show averages more than 500 entries of purebred rabbits & cavies. Make plans to join us in 2017. More details to follow.